Ant Hill

Ant Hill is a story of the end of humanity from the perspective of ants. A rebellious ant worker K99980335 is longing for a different future. When her wish is suddenly cruelly fulfilled, it is already too late to take it back. K. and the last male larva are left alone in an unwelcoming wasteland and have to find a way to build a future of their own.

Frame Films/FAMU 2020, dir. Marek Náprstek, prod. Zuzana Kučerová, coprod. Tomáš Šimon, anim. /col. Barbora Halířová, Vykintas Labanauskas, Alžběta Burešová, Nicolina Sterbet, Matouš Svěrák, Vojtěch Dvořáček, Ondřej Javora; sound Adam Bláha; music: Kateřina Horká; foleys Dominyka Adomaityte; voice act. Jenovéfa Boková, Klára Ondračková, Jan Křížek, Maxmilián Hruška, Tereza Chudáčková; script doc. Taťána Rubášová, Matěj Pospíšil.

2 thoughts on “Ant Hill

  1. Hey, Marek! saw this film on festival, absolutely amazing! Shame tho, that i saw it just once, it is so well made, i’ve seen many allusions (like flcl) in visuals, and music was just great. Is there any possibility to see it now? maybe some other festival?

    1. Hey Maksym! I’m glad you liked it! And I’m super happy you spotted the FLCL allusion 😀 Yes, it’s still being shown at festivals, the closest one I recall is Animateka in Ljubljana. Also if you write me an email to mareknaprstek@gmail I can send you a link with password.

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